Interactive Functionality for YouTube Videos!

Are you leaving your viewers next move to chance?

Most videos start with an awkward screenshot and end with a display of related videos, or worse - competitor's videos. VideoRedirect lets you make use of this valuable real estate to improve conversion & customer experience.

You can use videoRedirect to create custom preview screens and add clickable links to YouTube videos without any programming or video editing!

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Custom Poster Image/Preview Screens

Use any image as your opening screen or create a custom screen with titles & subtitles. Our studies show that the preview screen directly affects viewing rates. Make your best impression!

Clickable Links

Clickable Links & Annotations

Display clickable offers. Emphasize key points. Create your own ads. Present a survey. You define the message and link to any URL. Custom message start & end times!

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Custom Post-Play Screen

Display your message, call-to-action, or collect contact information when video ends. Get notified via email when prospects complete your form.

Interactive Ads

The Video Stats You Need

Basic YouTube stats are limited. Get video impressions, plays, completes, and more! Integrated Google Analytics - Monthly reports or statistics direct to your GA account in real-time.